Our Customers say it best...

It is wonderful to be able to come to work and have my car worked on right in the parking lot. The convenience is incredible and the price is totally worth it. Paul is wonderful to work with and so personable! I have been using Moby Lube here at Toll Brothers since they started offering the service, and even bring other cars in due to family convenience. Thanks!

– Dedicated Employee


With the addition of Moby Lube to our business, we were able to cut costs in all facets of the

maintenance.  And in this economy,  when every business could use an edge - Moby Lube is surely helping us!"

- Nick Alvino, Armour and Sons Electric, Inc.


I made one phone call to Moby Lube and had my oil changed and fluids checked at 5:00 p.m. on a Friday evening.

– Last Minute Customer


Being in sales it is hard to find the time to leave your car for a half a day at an Auto shop, find a ride back to the office and then back to pick up the car when they are finished. With Moby Lube I made one phone call and had my oil changed and fluids checked at 5:00 p.m. on a Friday evening. The convenience alone was worth it but the fact that it is so affordable makes it an easy choice for me!

- Tom Dougherty, Sales Manager, Penn Jersey Paper Co.


This was my first time using Moby Lube. It was a very pleasant experience and I intend to use the services more often!

– First-timer


I have peace of mind knowing my entire fleet will be serviced for the year with no extra work on my end.

- SJA Construction


It was raining and the guys were still there ready to work - that was pretty awesome. :) Thanks guys.

– Impressed Client


Offering our employees a “convenience benefit” like Moby Lube, which keeps them happy and productive, was a no-brainer. The Moby Lube system is surprisingly easy to implement. I simply announce a date to all of our employees, and Moby Lube does the rest.

- Kellie Zollers, Vice President, Human Resources, Toll Brothers, Inc.


Paul was wonderful. He went out of his way to make sure that my wipers were replaced before the big weekend storm, on top of a quick and thorough oil change.

– Your New Friend


Using Moby Lube has afforded my employee’s more leisure time for themselves. We use to take up our lunch time to service our vehicles, but now we just pick up the phone and call Moby Lube! They are quick, experienced and very budget conscious. Moby Lube has afforded us to find that extra time we all seem to need. Thank you Moby Lube!

- Customer Service Relocation, Roebling, NJ


Love the convenience - instead of having to wait in some dingy garage or at a dealer. Or dropping it off and having to go back for just an oil change. Very impressed that you come out on super cold days.

– Customer for Life


Moby Lube is such a time saver. Working full time, and being a soccer mom I do not have time to stay on top of servicing my vehicle they way I should. With Moby Lube I just make one call, and they come right to my home to service my vehicle.

Not only are they convenient, efficient, and professional, but very wallet friendly as well!

- Marian Hedeman, Florence, NJ


The Moby Lube team is amazing.  Express service is provided at a great price. I would highly recommend the team.

– Loved the Price


Moby Lube turned an inconvenient regular oil change into an easy task integrated into my normal workday! Anything that gives me more time with my family is invaluable. I'll go back again and again!

– Saving Family Time