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I have been using Moby Lube's service via corporate visits for over a year now. Always courteous, professional, and prompt. Rick and his team are my go-to for oil changes and any additional upkeep services that I may need. I had missed an appointment a few months back and the team gave me a call the next week to say they'd swing by my office for the oil change at no additional cost. You cannot beat the price and convenience. Thank you gentlemen for a fine job today, as always.

      - Danielle DeBoyace


Since I start using Moby lube 5 years ago the service has been impeccable. I have now used their services from two Roto-Rooter branches I have work with. The cost and time savings can’t be matched, we save money on the cost of the services and even more savings on time when I get 5 trucks serviced in 2 hours instead of having to send each truck out individually and taking a half day for each one. We look forward to working with Moby Lube for many years to come.

– John McCreery, Manager, Roto-Rooter Services Company


Paul does a great job. Prompt friendly and professional. I look forward to my next oil change with Moby Lube.

– Dan Powell, Lower Makefield Resident


Our fleet was often going overdue on oil changes and maintenance due to the hardship of getting a truck to the shop, dropping it off, picking it up, and not having the truck to use while it was in the shop. With Moby Lube I can get the oil change and maintenance done in the morning and use the truck that day. This increases uptime on the trucks not having to take them out of service and saves me labor not paying two drivers to run a truck to the shop and pick it up and also.

- Bryan Detwiler, Plant Manager, Indian Ridge Provisions


Moby Lube is our third on-site vendor in the last 15 years – and Moby Lube is by far, the best of the three vendors.

We schedule morning service when our drivers are in meetings, so down time for maintenance is not a factor.

The service is outstanding, not to mention the time savings.

- Ray Navarro, Manager-Special Operations at Cooper Pest Solutions, Inc.


It’s so easy to sign up and use the service. It’s so convenient to have my car serviced on-site and for a great price!  MobyLube gives me back my weekends! Plus, I’ve always been impressed to see the team servicing the cars in all weather – rain and snow hasn’t stopped them from pleasing their customers.

- Heather Quinby, Residential Customer


It is wonderful to be able to come to work and have my car worked on right in the parking lot. The convenience is incredible and the price is totally worth it. Paul is wonderful to work with and so personable! I have been using Moby Lube here at Catherine’s since they started offering the service, and even bring other cars in due to family convenience. Thanks!

– MaryAnn Potts


Managing to keep all of our trucks properly maintained with general repairs and state inspections can be daunting enough, not to mention “time for an oil change on these trucks, boss”. Again? Already?  The convenience and professionalism offered by the team at Moby Lube really makes a difference; they service our vehicles during our weekly morning meetings!  God, I love E-Z!  And Moby Lube’s very reasonable pricing-wise too!

-Tim McHale  Owner/ Operator  McHale’s, Inc. HVAC/ Plumbing/ Kitchens & Baths


With the addition of Moby Lube to our business, we were able to cut costs in all facets of the maintenance.  And in this economy,  when every business could use an edge – Moby Lube is surely helping us!

- Nick Alvino, Armour and Sons Electric, Inc.


This was my first time using Moby Lube. Everything was incredibly easy and convenient, a very professional operation! Highly recommended!

- Scott Mullner


I have peace of mind knowing my entire fleet will be serviced for the year with no extra work on my end.

- SJA Construction


Working with the Moby Lube team over the past year has been great.... We’ve reduced maintenance costs, increased productivity for each unit, and due to the flexible scheduling with Moby Lube, it reduced the impact with our scheduling. Our employees are happy since they can also have Moby Lube repair their vehicle while at work.

- Ted Brown, General Manager HealthFleet Ambulance Inc


Offering our employees a “convenience benefit” like Moby Lube, which keeps them happy and productive, was a no-brainer. The Moby Lube system is surprisingly easy to implement. I simply announce a date to all of our employees, and Moby Lube does the rest.

- Kellie Zollers, Vice President, Human Resources, Toll Brothers, Inc.


We’re very happy to offer this service to our employees, who find the price competitive, and the service and convenience incredible.

- Trish White, Human Resource Manager, Special Olympics Nj (SONJ)


Using Moby Lube has afforded my employee’s more leisure time for themselves. We use to take up our lunch time to service our vehicles, but now we just pick up the phone and call Moby Lube! They are quick, experienced and very budget conscious. Moby Lube has afforded us to find that extra time we all seem to need. Thank you Moby Lube!

- Customer Service Relocation, Roebling, NJ


We’ve been using Moby Lube now for 7 number of years. When we started using Moby Lube, our field technician labor cost declined and our up-time with vehicles out on the road making money for us increased. Working with Paul and his team has been a great experience. Thanks for making something easy that was previously a logistical nightmare. We appreciate the outstanding service you’ve provided us over the years.

- Scott Miller, President, True Blue Auto Glass & Miller Restoration


Moby Lube is such a time saver. Working full time, and being a soccer mom I do not have time to stay on top of servicing my vehicle they way I should. With Moby Lube I just make one call, and they come right to my home to service my vehicle.

Not only are they convenient, efficient, and professional, but very wallet friendly as well!

- Marian Hedeman, Florence, NJ








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