Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never heard of such an amazing service, how long have you been around?

Moby Lube has been changing oil on cars and trucks since 2010.


Are you insured?

We sure are, and are happy to show you our insurance paperwork if desired.


Do you take credit cards?

Yes we do, Visa, Discover; MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club


Do you service minivans and SUVs?

Of course, minivans, SUV’s, cars, trucks, -  all makes and models for that matter – we even service large trucks and heavy construction equipment. If it has an engine, we can help!


Do you service diesels?

Yes, we service diesel cars & trucks, vans  - and any diesel engine for that matter!


How long does an oil change take?

A typical change happens in 20-30 minutes sometimes even quicker when we’re set up and doing multiple vehicles.


My car is new and takes a special synthetic oil - can you accommodate me?

Yes – most new cars require either a blend of synthetic or a full synthetic oil. Note, a Full Synthetic oil does typically cost slightly more than a blend or a conventional oil, so simply let us know ahead of time by supplying your vehicle information, we'll give you a firm quote before we start.


What area do you cover?

Most of Bucks and Montgomery County, Philadelphia, and parts of New Jersey.

Check out our coverage map here:

And we are constantly growing – so if your company is located outside those areas – contact us and we will try to accommodate you.


How can I schedule service?

Call one of our helpful appointment setters at 215.946.1002 or simply use the form here to schedule your next service.


I’m at work all day, can you come to my company?

YES, we specialize in office parking lots where we can service not only your car, but your co-workers as well.  Check out the AT YOUR COMPANY page for more details.


Do you offer discounts for multiple cars?

We sure do – the more cars we can service in one day at one location (like your office or neighborhood) the better the discounts for all!


Can I get my neighbors involved and we all get a discount?

Yep – check out our BLOCK CAPTAIN PROGRAM which might just get you a FREE oil change.


Will you coordinate oil changes with my Human Resource Departments?

Yes, at many of the top companies we service, the HR person is the person who suggests our service as a benefit to employees. When HR gets behind Moby Lube, it saves employees TIME and MONEY. Plus we make it so easy for HR to implement company-wide, the service quickly becomes the most hassle-free benefit a company can offer.


How many people do you bring to service my car?

We typically have TWO  service techs on each car who perform the oil change, the 14 engine point inspection, and the checks and balances in order to complete the report which is passed on to the car owner after service is complete.


I have a head light out, can you fix that ?

Yes we can. Sign up here for a quote.


Do you do brakes?

Yes we do – and in most cases, we are a more affordable option when compared to a local service station or dealer.


Can you change out my old wiper blades?

Yes, sign up here and indicate that on your form and we’ll be sure to have the blades when we arrive.


Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for smart, customer focused, energetic people to join the Moby Lube team. Technicians, sales, customer service, and marketing folks are always welcome to apply by sending an email here: along with a resume and at least 2 references.


This seems like a great business opportunity, who can I talk to about owning my own Moby Lube truck?

We’re always searching for people who want to help us expand the Moby Lube way of life!

Contact Director of Operations Rick Lyons to discuss some career opportunities. or 215.946.1002.





We accept American Express, Discover, VISA, Master Card and Diner’s Club